Our solutions
make it a reality

Portable rechargeable devices​
is the only path to undo decades ​
of carbon emission damage.​

Energy storage needs are unique to each
application. Our adaptive
ability produces bespoke batteries ranging
from 12V to 96V to empower growth
sectors of India’s economy.

E-mobility (2 & 3 wheeler)​

Our bespoke setup configures battery packs with state of the art lithium-ion technology and BMS to deliver high performance and long life. Empowering the Government of India 2030 plan for a cleaner and electric future of mobility, we have solutions for all high & low speed EV’s.

Solar energy storage​

While you deliver high performance in harnessing the sun, LIB’s robust designs and intelligently used cell chemistry deliver high performance in creating the best solar storage solutions.

UPS enterprise storage​

Staying uninterrupted is the LIB way of life with solutions designed for small scale to large scale enterprise needs developing turnkey projects for uninterrupted power supply for maximum throughput of capital goods and best ROI of investments.


LIB is working diligently to support the healthcare setups with intelligently designed battery packs for medical devices to support complex machinery running uninterrupted. Our endeavours to be the best OEM for complex solution helps in enriching new product designs for healthcare in rural parts.


LIB solutions are driving the archaic, unreliable lead acid storage solutions with space efficient and quick charging lithium ion based solutions. With super fast charging and high storage density, LIB ensures your connectivity is never lost.


From floor cleaning robots to complex task automation one’s, each of these robots need efficient power source to keep achieving their design and function objective. LIB’s compact size solutions with high density lithium battery packs becomes your one stop solution to enable each of the future needs in all IoT products