Intelligently designed energy solutions

We are a super charged team of engineers, doctorates &  technicians, working relentlessly with an aim & young-blood enthusiasm to deliver storage and power need with extreme precision & efficiency through continuous research & development.

Our Vision

Pioneer and deliver beyond expectation Products and Services in the field of Lithium-Ion Battery Technologies with quality, innovation, efficiency, safety at scale with intrepid entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Establish a complete Indian Value chain for large scale Li-ion battery assembly to deliver value at home and beyond. Foster culture of respect and empowerment for individuals to catalyse a resolve to lead the market in business, customer satisfaction and going beyond.


Our logo emphasises our passion for engineering and design symbolic of the Lithium atom losing an electron and becoming a positively charged lithium ion and the electron flow generates electricity.

Our endeavors
go beyond

LIB India is known as a next generation energy storage company that builds high-performance, safe, and reliable lithium ion batteries and BMS to serve macro to micro energy storage solutions for mobility, consumer electronics and more. We are pioneers in providing advanced battery systems and complex energy solutions for a variety of applications including EV’s, solar energy storage, telecom towers, consumer devices and more.

Established in Supa, Ahmednagar, our dedicated team of doctorates and engineers strive to contribute to the national theme of ‘Make in India’ and assemble high performance Li-ion battery packs to deliver clean energy solutions to home and beyond. Our state-of-the-art unit situated near India’s automotive hub Pune boasts advanced infrastructure and huge production capacity, not only attracts mass satisfied customer base but also pull leading industry clients, MNCs and partners.

Our in-house team of production, testing and R&D assure ‘Total Quality Management’ at every level. We leverage the best of technology in creating bespoke Li-ion battery packs and build a high-performance module using the automotive grade cell bracket with inbuilt voltage insulation. This fascinating formula guarantees long-life cycle, high-performance cell with high discharge rate, high-energy density, and fuse-protection. It goes through a series of tests like vibration, nail penetration, high-temperature aging, extrusion, etc. and has the capability to be configured from vehicle to vehicle accordingly.

We are recognized and supported by a global network of industry leaders and organisations at the forefront of the latest innovation and technology in Li-ion batteries.  With our global partners, we continuously innovate and bring the best Battery Management Systems and design in the market.