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UPS/ enterprise

UPS/ enterprise We support our solutions with the most reliable chargers in the market designed to charge our Lithium Ion Batteries. It is easy to use – “Just plug it in& Forget it” . Know more

Telecom/smart cities

Telecom/smart cities Your future needs are connected building a smarter future. LIB supports your needs with reliable, safe, high cycle and low cost storage solutions for smart power requirements in this digital world. Know more


Solar LIB Solar Batteries is known for its optimum performance, high reliability, low self discharge, long life and quick charging ability. These batteries are designed for deep cycle capabilities and excellent charge acceptance. Know more


Chargers We support our solutions with the most reliable chargers in the market designed to charge our Lithium Ion Batteries.Their high efficiency make LIB chargers a perfect companion to LIB batteries. It is easy to use – “Just plug it in & Forget it” .  Know more

Energy Storage systems

Energy Storage systems LIB’s state-of-the-art power conversion & energy storage technologies are designed to meet the emerging requirements of power in developed as well as the developing nations. Taking lead in India as quality source for high performance & design. Know more

Battery swapping

Battery swapping LIB’s Smart & Swappable Batteries offers a platform that enables real-time monitoring, control, and management of EV Infrastructure which addresses key EV adoption issues such as – high upfront costs, range anxiety and long refueling time. Know more

Appliances & devices

Appliances & devices LIB offered Lithium Batteries that have been the industry standard for OEM ‘s, Commercial &  Industrial Appliances . Our batteries are used by Fortune 500 Companies and we have less than 1% failure rate, our products are unmatched in quality , safety & reliability. Know more

EV mobility

EV Mobility LIB Battery covers all E-Mobility Solutions for every customer requirement with high performance , safe , reliability with high energy density and telematics, master slave modular approaches etc. to meet the demands of modern age EV’s. Know more